Are you happy with the way your life is going right now?


You are a creator being.  Through your choices, 
you have the power to create anew and shift your life.

“I use channeling to clear energy blocks so clients can
connect and receive guidance from the Divine,
Higher Selves and other contributing Sources.”

Monika uses this gift to deliver healing messages
to help you learn, grow, embrace life,
and achieve your goals and desires.   

“As a professional healer myself, I’m discriminating regarding which holistic I’ll work with.
I trust Monika to always provide me with professional, competent care. 

There are a range of challenges for which I have sought help from Monika.
In particular, Monika has been helpful in shifting unwanted, unhealthy energies in my home. 

Monika’s access to her full range of intuitive abilities and her attention to detail,
translate to comprehensive readings and healings. 

Based on my personal experience working with Monika,
I feel confident in recommending this practitioner’s services.”

Jen Eve

Your transformational results can include:
~ a reduction in stress and anxiety     
~ feeling more positive
~ an increase in personal success      
~ awareness of negative thought patterns
~ improved relationships     
~ increased confidence
~ greater inner clarity     
~ having a more positive outlook
~ enjoying your life and living it more fully

“I’m grateful for an ability to bring you
insights, comfort, and joy.” 

We do unique healing energy work
to improve your current life experiences.

Get results that transform your life.

Releasing and ridding your blocks is crucial to the entire manifesting process.

A vital element is the removal of the internal blocks
preventing you from having the results that you want

To claim your powerful self, get crystal-clear
on what’s blocking your success
with a tailor-made approach for your unique needs.

I aim to bring to you the spiritual powers of love, sovereignty, and manifestation
so you can learn the truth, think for yourself, help yourself into being awake,
lighten up and raise your frequencies, and heal your bodies, minds, and circumstances.   
Let’s get the results that you need to manifest the world that you want!

Eliminate emotional pain from your past.

 Become in tune with the truth of who you REALLY are and move forward in life.

It’s time for a tailor-made approach for your unique needs to build the life you desire.

People come to Monika to heal their “wounds” and change their lives for the better.   

Everything that manifests in your life starts energetically – just like signals reach your cellphones, energies reach various parts of you – your mind, emotions, or physical self.

Awaken.    Get Inspired!    Become Empowered.

Find real solutions to your resolutions! 

Discover and Enjoy what Whole Heart Energy Healing can do for You.

Whole Heart Energy Healing also uses a Kaleidoscope Fusion 
approach to address your unique healing journey.

Her intuitive gifts and guidance from Source means that you benefit from this unique

 Kaleidoscope Fusion co-creative approach to achieving your outcome, faster!

Right now, you are waking up to a new you, and
you seek a better way of having a more joy-filled life.

The old path is obsolete; it just doesn’t work anymore. 

It’s time for a new understanding of what it means to be prosperous and how to achieve that.

It’s time for you to make more money, have more time and energy
and make the impact you intended to have in and on your life! 

Take back the wheel before you end up at more unwanted destinations.

Monika Dena Huppertz,
Generation Pattern Changer, Empowerment Coach,
Belief Transformer and Manifesting Alchemist
A Healing Energy Lightworker and Healer who identifies your highest and best path to a richer and fuller life. 

I help spiritual women manifest at the speed of light using a one-of-a-kind healing method.”

A retired special needs teacher, Monika is able to quickly identify the unique blend of healing modalities you would benefit from and delivers them in a manner that is respectful and compatible with your personality, and mental and emotional needs. 

I’m ready to serve you at the highest level with
experience, insight, intuition, tools, training, 
and a new  Kaleidoscope Fusion approach,
to get you the breakthroughs you seek. 

Belief Transformer and Manifest Alchemist, specializing in breaking through the blocks that hold you back and reprogramming your subconscious mind for success.


A leader in mental, emotional and physical detox using 
an array of tools and techniques to achieve your dreams.

Monika Dena Huppertz
Intuitive, Channeler, Healer, Energy Worker,
Lightworker, Empowerment Coach
Founder of Whole Heart Energy Healing and
Kaleidoscope Fusion Healing Method.

Start a CHANGE REACTION in your life –
Real Solutions to Your Resolutions.

Mission statement:  
To awaken, inspire, and empower every person
to achieve real solutions to their resolutions. 

Authenticity With Monika Huppertz
(Healing Energy Lightworker) Self-Improvement
The Authentically Aligned You Podcast  

In this episode, I chat with Monika Huppertz, Healing Energy Lightworker.
Monika has been a big support in my own journey toward uncovering my authentic self and I wanted to share her with you. She is not only an amazing human being
but also has her own story of becoming more of who she really is.
I want you to see the different ways in which we all find our own path toward our truest selves. There is no right or wrong way. Some ways are messier than others, some are straight lines, but it’s always a work in progress.
I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Monika as much as I did.
To get connected with Monika and access the programs we talked about in this episode
click the links below:
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